Could you use help with your college or trade school tuition? The EECU Scholarship awards up to $5,000 for four-year bachelor’s degree programs and up to $2,500 for two-year community college or vocational/technical school programs. Awards are disbursed in $1,250 annual increments as long as you continue to meet eligibility requirements.

The application deadline was January 31, 2024.

Interested? As part of your application you’ll need to include the following: a 550 word essay addressing your personal goals and aspirations, how the scholarship will make a difference in your life, and how you plan to give back to the community.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria to be considered:
  1. An EECU Community Foundation member OR EECU member or eligible for membership through a parent or guardian;
  2. A graduating high school senior;
  3. A member in good standing or their parent/guardian a member in good standing (i.e., no delinquent loans, overdrawn or charged off accounts) at the time of application;
  4. Exemplifies social responsibility, demonstrative leadership, excellence in character, integrity, and involved in the local community;
  5. Demonstrative of scholastic achievement with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale;
  6. Endorsed by two letters of reference attesting to the student’s qualifications, character and suitability; and,
  7. Not a director, member of EECU’s Executive Management, or immediate family member (spouse, parent, sibling, child, grandchild, and spouses of children, grandchildren or other persons living in the same residence and maintained as a single economic unit) of EECU or the EECU Community Foundation.

Frequently Asked Application Questions

How to apply

1. Click Start Application button on EECU Community Foundation's scholarship webpage
2. On the Register Page, complete form with name, email address/user name, then choose a password
3. Select Scholarship Applicant in the User Type field
5. Click Create a New Account
6. Please notate your login user name and password as you will need to re-access the application to determine receipt of the personal references before submitting the application

Questions about the scholastic information section

• GPA Type – choose between cumulative GPA (100 point scale) or GPA # (weighted GPA).
• Enter ACT and/or SAT score.
• High School Transcripts - Upload transcripts by taking a picture from a smart phone, load to a pc, then select Browse to attach file. TIP: save the photo file to pc using the small option not actual size – maximum file size is 1MB.
• The message “No attachment” will be reflected until the page is saved.
• When file is properly attached and saved, the “No attachment” message in red will show “View Attachment” in blue. By clicking on View Attachment, you may view/confirm the attached file.
• To delete an attached transcript, click on the Delete Attachment box then Save.

Questions about the essay

Use the text box to respond to the essay questions in a comprehensive fashion. The text box is limited to approximately 550 words in length.

Questions about personal references

• Complete the contact information and email address fields for 2 personal references.
• When complete, click Save in the blue box to the left.
• Email notifications are sent to the addresses immediately upon save. The status will be reflected as “notified” in blue next to the email address heading.
• Your application may not be submitted until the references are received back and the status reflects “completed” in green next to the email address heading.

Completing the application

1. Log out of the application.
2. Periodically log back into the application using your email address (user name) and password to check the status of the references.
3. Once references are received and appended to your application, the status will reflect “completed” in green and the Scholarship Application Section on the left of the screen will show References Required with a green checkbox. The application is ready to be submitted.
4. Click the blue Submit button to the left and the application reflects Status: Submitted.
5. Log out – you’re done.

General issues

• The application may be saved and re-accessed and can be completed in multiple sessions.
• Each page of the application must be saved before proceeding to the next page.
• Scholarship Application Sections on the left portion of each screen show the status of each Section (green – complete, yellow – needs attention or can be left blank, or red – requires input).
• Should you see the message “Are you sure you want to leave this page,” click “Stay on the page” then Save before proceeding to the next page, otherwise your input will not be saved.

Up to
in awards per recipient!

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